JPU Editorial Board Vacancies

        There are upcoming vacancies on the Editorial Board of the JPU due to terms that are expiring. Two of these are at the Associate Editor level and the other at the Assistant Editor level. The responsibilities of these positions are similar in that they require fulfilling the role of Managing Editor, on a regular basis for submitted manuscripts. This entails reviewing assigned submitted manuscripts, inviting reviewers, reviewing and editing the submitted reviews, then submitting a decision on the manuscript.
        This often entails cycles of revisions as well. These positions also require attendance at regular Editorial Board meetings. Those interested should send an email to the Editor-in-Chief or the Associate Editor-in-Chief at the email addresses below, stating their interest and qualifications. The selection of new editorial board members will be determined by the Senior Editors, Associate Editor-in-Chief, and Editor in Chief and will be heavily weighted by the individual’s history of participation in the Journal’s peer-review process.
        Anthony A Caldamone
        C. D. Anthony Herndon
        Associate Editor-in-Chief