Published:January 13, 2014DOI:
      Readers will immediately see that the difficult problem of Disorders of Sexual Development (DSD) features prominently in this issue. This follows the meeting discussing this topic that was held in Annecy. There is a review article by Diamond and Garland which is critical of early surgical intervention for patients born with these abnormalities and of several articles that were published in this Journal from authors who were at that meeting. There is then a critical commentary written by Peter Lee from Hershey on the Diamond paper. This is followed by an article setting forth the ESPU/SPU standpoint on the surgical management of DSD. As so often in medicine there are different views as to what is the best method of treatment of a particular problem and this debate particularly relating to DSD is likely to continue for many years to come. What is important is that treatment is well recorded with adequate follow up after parental and patient discussion and consent so that the results of each type of treatment can be adequately assessed and reported in the future. We leave each surgeon to make their own decisions in the future hopefully helped by the papers published in this Journal.
      We also feature papers covering a wide range of topics that is the fascination of Pediatric Urology. We leave the readers to decide whether they agree with the authors' conclusions. Authors are reminded to read the “Instructions for Authors” carefully as they have been modified to accommodate a new article style starting in January, which will lead to a new hybrid journal format. We hope you all enjoy this issue.