Operative Pediatric Surgery 7th ed.

Published:October 28, 2013DOI:
      There are three criteria for a good textbook on operative technique in any discipline:
      • 1.
        The description of the procedure should allow one to reproduce the technique.
      • 2.
        The illustrations should be clear and supportive.
      • 3.
        The techniques described should not be dictated by the authors' bias - alternative techniques should be presented or discussed.
      Operative Pediatric Surgery 7th edition, edited by L. Spitz and A.G. Coran with associated editors D.H. Teitelbaum, H.L. Tan and A. Pierro meets all of these criteria. It is indeed a compendium of operative techniques covering all of pediatric surgery. Most of the book focuses on general pediatric surgery with a major emphasis on abdominal procedures. There is a substantial section, however, on pediatric urology, in which are covered renal surgery, ureteral surgery, and genital surgery. What distinguishes this book from the prior edition is that each chapter incorporates minimally invasive approaches when applicable. For instance, in the chapter on ureteropelvic junction obstruction, the open technique is described as well as extensive detail on the laparoscopic approach. This is the pattern that is followed for almost all procedures described. The detail is remarkable. As an example, the discussion in the chapter on vesicoureteral reflux, in describing the laparoscopic approach, both the extravesical approach and intravesical minimally invasive approaches are described, including both injection procedure and vesicoscopic ureteral reimplantation. It is very helpful that patient positioning as well as surgeon and assistant positioning and operative layout are described in these procedures as well.
      An added touch to this book is a short historical prospective on each operation, which is important in placing new techniques in perspective. In addition, it is noted that all of the illustrations are done in the same format, maintaining consistency of style and design. I find this a very attractive part of this compendium. There are new chapters in this edition covering thyroidectomy, varicocele repair, trauma, and surgical procedures for both dialysis and spine surgery.
      As the authors mention in their preface, Operative Pediatric Surgery “is an excellent complement to the two volume textbook Pediatric Surgery”. I anticipate that every training program in pediatric surgery and in pediatric urology would benefit by having a copy of this text available.